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ROWonAIR RowVista®

ROWonAIR RowVista®

High-tech forward rowing system

With RowVista®, the innovative system with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated, you row in the direction you are facing and can avoid damaging your boat and oars. The RowVista® forward rowing oars are foldable and are only 2.06 m long when folded.

  • It is easy to stabilise the boat while looking ahead > you can constantly adjust the course.
  • It is a huge advantage to be able to see the blade in motion if there are waves. You can see the wave troughs > perfect for open water rowing and crossing the bow wave of larger boats. 
  • Thanks to the ball bearings, no power is lost in the mechanism.


Attach and secure the Rowing Skid quickly and easily to the AIRSKIFF 17', SUP 14', AIRKAYAK 16' or your own Stand Up Paddle board, canoe, kayak, canadian canoe and convert it into a high-performance sculling boat with sliding seat.

  • Key features

    • A technical masterpiece: rowing forward with blade feathering
    • Feathering the oar blade. Big Blade oar shape
    • High quality, high strength rowlock, so RowVista® forward oars can easily be attached and removed
    • Soft sliding seat with six ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly along the roller rails
    • High-quality carbon and sea water resistant
    • Flat Outrigger (F) suitable for the AIRSKIFF 17', SUP 14' and standard inflatable and hard shell Stand Up Paddle boards
    • Yoke Outrigger (Y) suitable for the AIRKAYAK 16' and standard inflatable and hard shell kayaks, canoes, canadian canoes
    • Assemble in just 2 minutes, without tools, slot and click mechanisms only
    • Rowing Skids are easily hooked into the D-rings
  • Technical details


    Rowing Skid with Flat Outrigger 10.1 kg
    Rowing Skid with Yoke Outrigger 10.3 kg)
    Each RowVista®-sculling oar 4.2 kg
    Bag for Rowing Skid 2.3 kg
    Bag for RowVista®-sculling oars 1.4 kg

    Dimensions when stowed

    Bag for Rowing Skid 28 x 28 x 180 cm
    Bag for oars 20 x 20 x 208 cm